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Hurom FAQ

Juicer Usage FAQ

Hurom FAQ

Does “slow juicer” mean it will take a long time to make juice?

Our slow juicers are called slow squeeze juicers because they rotate at 43 RPM for recent models (or about 80 RPM for older models) compared to the 10,000 or higher RPM of typical high-speed juicers and blenders. Nevertheless, our juicers produce juice at the same speed and sometimes faster than other models we’ve tested.

Are your juicers loud?

Because our slow juicers only rotate at 43 or 80 rpms, they are much quieter than high-speed juicers and blenders. You will only hear a quiet hum. Our slow juicers are much more energy efficient for this reason as well.

Are your juicers safe?

Hurom juicers are 100% BPA free and come without any blades or sharp parts.

Is it better to eat whole fruits and vegetables?

Any way you can get fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet is beneficial given that most people don’t meet the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. Juicing is a great way to incorporate much needed vitamins and minerals from plant-based foods into our diets.

What is the difference between juice and a smoothie? 

Both juices and smoothies are great ways to add more nutrients and fiber to your diet, but they are very different. Juice is easy to drink, has a clean/smooth texture, and is concentrated with nutrients and soluble fiber which your body absorbs quickly.  A smoothie is much thicker and takes longer for your body to digest. Since good juicers separate and reduce the pulp from the juice, you also don’t have to peel your produce or remove small seeds. With a blender, you would need to remove anything you don’t want to eat such as seeds, stems, etc.  Keep in mind that Hurom juicers can also make smoothies!

Is it true that juice doesn’t have any fiber?

There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Fresh juices contain a very high level of soluble fiber which is more easily absorbed by your body.  Because insoluble fiber is left behind in juice, your body can rest from the digestion process and focus on mineral/vitamin absorption. If you need more insoluble fiber, you’re better off eating more whole grains and beans. 

What is the warranty on a Hurom juicer?

We offer a 10-year warranty on the motor and a 2-year warranty on parts for all Slow Juicer models only when purchased from Hurom.com and authorized sellers. Register online with us here.

We offer a 1-year limited warranty on our Citrus Juicer models only when purchased from Hurom.com and authorized sellers.

We do not offer any after-service support for purchases from unauthorized sellers. If you have questions regarding the authorization of an online seller, please call 800-253-2140.

We cover most shipping costs for warranty-related services if you live in the contiguous 48 states. Canadian and other international customers of Hurom America products must pay for shipping both to and from our service centers.

Can I send my machine to Hurom for  repair when it is out of warranty?

Yes. We may able to fix or replace your product for an out-of-warranty fee. Repair cost may vary.

Where can I find replacement parts?

Please call us at 800-253-2140 for assistance. 

Where can I find the instruction manual for my Hurom juicer?

Download a PDF user manual for any of our juicer models here:

Check here for discontinued models:

Why do I need to pay upfront for pre-ordering?

We enable pre-order option when the we plan to restock the product within a month. Paying upfront would help our customers receive the product as soon as it is restocked in our warehouse. It also secures the customer's purchase, before the product goes out of stock again.

How long is the estimated wait time for delivery of a pre-ordered item?

Customers can expect to have the pre-ordered item(s) delivered within a month, depending on their selected method of shipment. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service for the most up-to-date delivery estimate.

How do I use a gift card?

During checkout, enter the gift card code in the same box as the discount code box. You can combine multiple gift cards with a discount code. There is no expiration date for the gift cards. 

Do you sell refurbished juicers?

Yes, you can purchase our certified refurbished Slow Juicers here. The prices are final and discount codes are not applicable to the Refurbished Collection.

Do you take installment payment?

Yes, we've partnered with PayPal to accept installment payment. Learn more about our buy now and pay later option on this page.

Do you have a trade-in program?

Yes, learn more about our Trade-In Program here.

How does your referral program work?

To celebrate our customers who spread Hurom love, we're offering a gift to every referrer. You give $40 to your friend, and we give you a juice jar once they purchase!

How it works is simple. You'll just need to send a message to your friend through the post-purchase pop up or our Refer & Earn page. Then, your friend will receive a unique link that'll apply $40 off automatically at checkout. Once your friend purchases, we'll send you a code to order our juice jar (red) for free. 


Juicer Usage FAQ 

I'm looking for juice and food recipe inspiration!

Here are a couple of simple and unique recipes to start making with your Hurom:

For more juice inspiration, check out our juice recipes.
For more food inspiration, check out our kitchen favorites.

How do I assemble my Hurom Slow Juicer?

Insert the strainer into the spinning brush, then carefully twist the combined strainer and brush into the drum until you hear a click. Place the auger (screw) into the strainer and twist to fit. There are two depresses on the outer edges of the strainer and spinning brush, where both blades will fit in. Place the hopper on top and twist clockwise until the arrows on the hopper and the body matchup. Make sure the lever is set to “close” before juicing. 

How do I make smoothies with my Hurom?

Making smoothies is a delicious way to enjoy your Hurom. Using the coarse strainer, you can juice bananas, avocado, strawberries and other soft fruits that make a great base for a fresh fruit smoothie. You can also add frozen fruits, yogurt, or milk for a creamier beverage.

Can I juice citrus rinds or ice cubes? 

Of course you can juice a citrus rind but they taste bitter and make sour juice. Removing citrus rinds ensures delicious juice without the bitterness.  Do not put ice cubes into the Hurom. Slightly thawed frozen fruits may be used in the machine for a thicker textured smoothie.

Do I have to remove peels or seeds?

The rule of thumb is: If you can chew it, you can juice it.  So, most seeds, apple peels, pomegranate arils, etc., are all okay.  Definitely don’t remove peels if they are thin or soft because the nutrients are sometimes more potent in the peel.  However, you wouldn’t chew on lemon rind, pineapple rind, or peach pits, so don’t juice them.

The motor is not turning on. 

This may be due to incorrect placement of the hopper on the base. When set up correctly, the arrow on top of the hopper will point to the arrow on the base. The motor will only turn on when these arrows are aligned. 

Another possibility is that a magnet, which activates the juicer's power function, is missing. To check if the magnet is missing, inspect the underside of the lid. If there is a half-moon shaped hollow recess then the magnet is missing and needs to be replaced. 

I inserted too many ingredients into the chute at once. What do I do?

If there are too many ingredients inside your Hurom, the hopper may not open. If this is the case, toggle between the extract and reverse buttons. Switch to the reverse button, and twist open the hopper at the same time. If this still does not help, do not try to force the hopper open. Please contact customer support. 

There is strainer damage. 

This could be caused by placing ice, frozen foods, large food pieces or pits into the bowl. Please refer to the user manual for proper usage and juicing tips. Remember not to overcrowd food or force foods through the juicer. New strainers and other replacement parts can be purchased if necessary, please contact customer support for assistance or call us at 1-800-253-2140.

The bowl is stuck and does not detach from the base.

This is caused by excessive food or an unknown substance in the bowl. Press the reverse button 3-5 seconds and run water through the bowl. Repeat this process 2-3 times, then push the bowl upward or jiggle while turning. 

Also, make sure the pulp control outlet is "CLOSED" when you take the bowl off the base.

What can I do with the pulp?

The pulp can be used in a variety of ways! Use it in baking, soups, veggie burgers, healthy cookies, and muffins. It’s easy to incorporate the leftover pulp back into your diet. You can also add it to pet food or compost it.

How do I disassemble my Hurom Slow Juicer?

First, make sure the switch is off and it is unplugged. Hold the chute with one hand, and use your other hand to support the juice extraction spout and simply lift up. Twist the hopper counterclockwise to remove. To disassemble the drum set, first remove the auger. Then gently press against the strainer to separate it from the spinning brush. 

How do I clean my juicer?

To rinse your juicer, pour water into the hopper with the juice cap closed. Turn the juicer on so that the brush can sweep along the strainer. Open the juice cap and allow the water to flow out. Repeat two to three times. When you are ready to fully clean your juicer, move the lever to "open," disassemble and clean each part. Remember that the sooner you clean after juicing, the easier it is. 

How do I make ice cream with my juicer?

There are two ways to make ice cream with your Hurom:
1st and 2nd generation juicers – Juice ingredients to your liking through the Hurom, add honey or sweetener to taste, and pour into a freezer-safe bowl. Freeze for about 2 hours, scrape through the mixture with a fork to keep soft, and place in the freezer again. We recommend using the coarse strainer when juicing frozen fruits.

Alpha models (H-AA and HZ) – With the included ice cream strainer, simply take your choice of frozen fruit (slightly thawed) and use your Hurom as you would when juicing. Enjoy straight out of the chamber!
For recipe suggestions, check your juicer’s recipe book.

Can I use the ice cream strainer on any juicer?

We do not recommend interchanging parts. If you have questions regarding specific models, please contact our Customer Support for assistance.

Can I use frozen fruits in my juicer?

Yes, you can use frozen fruits in your juicer, just ensure that they are slightly thawed to avoid damage. It is recommended that you use the coarse strainer when juicing frozen fruits.

Are Hurom juicer parts dishwasher safe?

Only the auger (screw) is dishwasher safe.

Will all strainers work on all machines?

Some parts might be compatible between same generation models, but it is not recommended to interchange parts.

When do I use the control lever?

The lever is used to control the pressure inside the chamber. The lever should be placed on “close” whenever you start juicing. Once the chamber begins to fill with juice, switching the lever to “half-close” helps release pressure and allows pulp to leave freely. (This is a good idea when juicing ingredients with lots of seeds, such as grapes or kiwi.)

Do I have to slice vegetables and fruits before juicing?

Yes, cutting your fruits and vegetables into smaller, 2 inch pieces helps to optimize yield and reduce pulp.

  • Vegetables
    We recommend preparing your vegetables by cutting them into a size such that the pieces will fall through the feeder chute without needing to be pushed down. Chop carrots into half-inch discs and all other root vegetables such as beetroot to a similar size.
  • Fruits
    Ensure you cut pieces into a size that will easily drop down the feeder chute. Remove skins from citrus fruits. If the Hurom becomes clogged then this can be remedied by feeding a different textured fruit or vegetable through.
  • Leafy greens
    Roll leaves into cigar shaped parcels and then fold them in half, ensuring that the size is not too big for the feeder chute. Wet leaves will not pass through the juicer as well as drier leaves so when washing produce, pat it dry with a kitchen towel before inserting into the Hurom.

How should I store my leftover juice?

We recommend drinking your juice as soon as possible to get the most nutrients. If you do have some leftover to store, make sure to use a container with an air tight lid to prevent oxygen from reaching and degrading juice, and to refrigerate as soon as possible. Even so, we do not recommend keeping juice for over 48 hours.

Can I place hot liquids in the Hurom juicer?

Even though our parts are made with high quality materials, it is not made to handle hot liquids.