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Alpha Series: Featuring our newest Alpha technology, these juicers are easier to clean and have the ability to make ice cream from the chamber. Perfect for juicer enthusiasts.

Classic Series: These are our tried and true favorites that have won multiple design awards.

Personal Series: Take care of all your basic juicing needs with these compact and stylish juicers.

Limited Edition: Our premium, highest quality juicers with all the available features.
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The control lever is used to control the pressure inside the chamber. The lever should be placed on “close” whenever you start juicing. Once the chamber begins to fill with juice, switching the lever to “half-close” helps release pressure and allows pulp to leave freely. (This is a good idea when juicing ingredients with lots of seeds, such as grapes or kiwi.
The fine strainer is great for juicing hard products such as apples, carrots and beetroot. If you prefer more pulp in your juice, switch out to the coarse strainer.
The coarse strainer allows you to juice softer fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, bananas, avocados, and kiwifruit. The coarse strainer is great for making fruit smoothies. You can also add frozen fruit, yogurt, or milk for a creamier beverage.
The Alpha Series juicers includes a ice cream strainer that will allow you to create ice cream straight from the chamber. Simply switch out the fine/coarse strainer and spinning brush and place the ice cream strainer into the drum so that the opening aligns with the juice outlet. Then, take your choice of frozen fruit (slightly thawed) and use your Hurom as you would when juicing.

After you’ve finished washing the detachable parts of your juicer, leave your drum, auger, spinning brush, strainer and hopper to dry on this handy drying rack.
Included with Alpha Series juicers, this tofu press makes it easy for you to make your own tofu at home!

Available for the Alpha Series Juicers, this citrus squeezer makes it easy to juice your favorite citrus fruits in half the time! Simply cut your citrus fruit in half, turn on your Hurom juicer with the citrus attachment, and lightly press the citrus (pulp side down) into the citrus squeezer.
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