Best Easy Clean Juicer from Hurom


Those looking to improve their overall health and lifestyle can enjoy the benefits of adding freshly-squeezed juice to their diet. However, those on the go may need more time for the tedious cleaning process that most juicers require. With irregularly-shaped strainers and sharp parts, making fresh juice may not feel like it’s worth cleaning your appliance afterward. 

If that’s a significant obstacle for you, then you may want to consider getting one of Hurom’s best Easy Clean juicer models for your kitchen. These are some of the top Easy Clean units suitable for busy individuals who want to try juicing without exhausting too much time and effort on the clean-up process. 

Best Compact Slow Juicer: Hurom H310 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

Price: $349

Best for: Those with small kitchens at home who want to make fresh and unprocessed juice enough for one person. Some of its notable features include: 

  • No-strainer chamber as its chamber and two-part auger help with performance while making cleaning easier. 
  • Compact size with a four-inch diameter and a weight of fewer than eight pounds.
  • Self-feeding hopper that fits most whole-sized fruits and vegetables. 

This retro-chic juicer offers performance and easy cleaning, perfect for individuals looking to lead healthier lifestyles. The features that make it easier to clean include Hurom’s Easy Clean Chamber, which features two auger meshes and a chamber designed to squeeze and separate juice without the need for a strainer. Its hopper is smaller than other easy clean slow juicers, but it’s still large enough to fit whole-sized fruits and most vegetables without the need for chopping. 

On top of its Easy Clean features, the H310 also has Hurom’s other advanced slow juicer features. It uses Hurom’s Slow Squeeze Technology, with the motor rotating at a slow speed of 43 revolutions per minute to mimic the natural motions of hand-squeezed juice. Like all Hurom juicers, the H310 is BPA-free and made with a durable ABS plastic body eight times stronger than other plastic juicers. 

Best Premium Slow Juicer: Hurom H200 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

Price: $499

Best for: Individuals who want a quick and easy juicing process from start to finish. Some of its notable features include: 

  • Easy Clean strainers with grooves instead of holes
  • Built-in pulp container that removes the need for a separate pulp catcher on your countertop. 
  • Strainers with elongated grooves that can be easily rinsed – no scrubbing required. 

The latest in Hurom’s line of slow juicers is the perfect package of durability, versatility, and easy clean-up. The H200’s overall design is ergonomic and intuitive, providing easy assembly for users. Its improved self-feeding hopper is three times larger than the average slow juicer and allows users to add more ingredients during operation. During juicing, the pulp falls into the built-in pulp container in the base, reducing the space needed to operate your slow juicer. 

Once you’ve finished juicing, you’ll find the H200 easy to disassemble and clean. The H200 comes with Easy Clean inner and outer strainers for juicing and Easy Clean strainers for smoothies and ice cream. Combine this with its chamber and single-wing auger designed for easy cleaning, with the included cleaning brush. 

Best Slow Juicer for Beginners: Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

Price: $399

Best for: Those who want a mid-range juicer large enough for multiple servings with all the parts and features to maximize your investment. Some of its notable features include: 

  • Grooved strainers that are easier to clean than Hurom’s older hole strainers.
  • New and improved design with all of the performance and quality users have come to expect from Hurom slow juicers, minus the clean-up. 
  • Versatile parts for smoothies and ice cream that are also designed for Easy Clean.

Hurom took customer feedback and put the most-wanted feature – easier cleaning – into the H101. While the squeeze mechanism is still the same in that it features Slow Squeeze Technology to simulate hand-squeezing juice, its design is also built with easier clean-up in mind. With the grooved strainer, users can quickly rinse any remaining pulp and residual fluids with no scrubbing required.

On top of its Easy Clean features, the H101 has the features many have come to expect with quality Hurom slow juicers. Its quiet motor provides comfort and allows around-the-clock use without disturbing others nearby. Users can control the amount of pulp in their drink and receive juice unadulterated by heat and oxidation. For those who want to make the most out of the kitchen appliances, you’ll find parts like the smoothie and ice cream strainers helpful in adding fresh juice to your diet.

Which Juicer Is Easiest to Clean?

Slow juicing offers plenty of health benefits compared to traditional juicers. However, those looking to improve their lifestyles may find cleaning difficult and not worth getting freshly-squeezed juice. 

Hurom understands this, which is why our Easy Clean slow juicers are designed for those on the go who don't have the time to scrub holes, cracks, and crevices that can be prone to trapping bits of pulp and fruit behind. 

All these juicers are designed with Easy Clean features, so it’s not a question of “Which juicer is easiest to clean?” but rather a question of finding the best Easy Clean juicer for your needs. 

  • Hurom H310 – For the perfect individual serving of juice, ideal for those drinking alone or who want something compact to occupy less countertop space for juicing. Despite its small size, you’ll have a durable model for most whole fruits and vegetables. 
  • Hurom H200 – The high-end model is perfect for those who prefer convenient juicing solutions. From its intuitive design for easy assembly, its versatility and performance during use, and Easy Clean features after disassembly, it’s the quick and easy option for pure juice.
  • Hurom H101 – The mid-range model features the best parts of Hurom’s slow juicers and Easy Clean models. Its versatile uses give its users the best value for its price while making freshly-squeezed juice more accessible to households. 

Find Easy Clean Slow Juicers at Hurom

Hurom is a leading brand that supports your quest for a healthier lifestyle. Each slow juicer in its Easy Clean series helps make juicing more accessible. Look forward to juicing your next blend without dealing with the tiresome clean-up that other juicers require. 

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