Hurom Citrus Juicer


Hurom Citrus Juicer


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Product Details

The Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer is perfect for your simpler juicing needs, whether it’s juicing large oranges for a breakfast OJ or small limes for your seltzer water. The 1-size-fits-all, finned juicing cone will help you single-handedly squeeze any citrus fruit and yield the maximum amount of juice, leaving the rind completely empty.


  • Automatic Squeezing: Once the handle is pressed down, the motor automatically mimics the motion of hand-squeezing a citrus fruit. With such a simple and seamless process, you’ll be juicing every day.
  • Drip-stop Juice Outlet: The juicer’s drip-stop outlet lets you control the amount of juice that you pour into your glass. Plus, it helps to avoid any spilling or dripping too.
  • Stainless Steel: A stylish stainless steel finish not only adds to the machine’s durability but it also complements almost any kitchen design and décor.
  • Highly Durable: Our Citrus Juicer’s near-silent yet powerful AC motor is built to endure many years of daily juice making.
  • Easy to Clean: With just three parts that connect on top of the motor, assembly and cleaning of our Citrus Juicer are both quick and easy.
  • Safe to Use: Our juicers only operate if the chamber is precisely assembled on the base. Most importantly, no blades or sharp components are used in the design of our products. 
Juicing Cone Speed 90-120 RPM
Materials - Body: Stainless Steel 
- Filter: Stainless Steel (SUS)
- Juicing Cone: SAN (AS)
- Chamber: SAN (AS)
Product  Dimensions *Max Height 240 x 190 x 468 mm (9.4 x 7.5 x 18.4 in)
Shipping Dimensions 328 x 228 x 295 mm (12.9 x 9.0 x 11.6 in)
Product Weight 2.4 kg (5.3 lb)
Motor A/C
Voltage 120 V, 60 Hz, 100 W
Cord Length 1.4 m (4.6 ft)
Standard Usage Up to 15 seconds continuously

Inside the Box

  • Motor


  • Filter


  • Juice Chamber

    Juice Chamber

  • Juicing Cone

    Juicing Cone

Hurom Citrus Juicer’s one-size-fits-all juicing cone can squeeze any citrus fruit from the smallest lime to the largest grapefruit. Enjoy your freshly squeezed juice, packed with Vitamin C.
Hurom juicers are designed to minimize the breakdown and oxidation of fruits and vegetables. This means your juice will contain more nutrients and a fresh, natural taste.
Press down the handle to automatically squeeze every drop of juice, leaving the rinds completely empty. The 1-size-fits-all, finned juicing cone will yield the maximum amount of juice.

Designed for You

Quiet & Easy to Clean

Our quiet motor lets you start off the morning without causing a stir and cleaning up takes just a couple minutes.

Juice Safely

Hurom juicers are 100% BPA free and come without any blades or sharp parts, making it safe for your entire family.

Deliciously Unprocessed

Juicing yields more juice from the ingredients for great tasting juice that lasts up to 72 hours.

More Nutrients, Minimal Oxidation

The juicing cone’s natural motion minimizes damage to ingredients, keeping natural taste and nutrition intact.

Hurom Citrus Juicer

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