The Hurom Difference: Hurom H-AI vs. Wide Mouth Slow Juicer

Love juicing but want to minimize the prep time? On a mission to enhance & simplify your life, we made the H-AI Slow Juicer with a self-feeding hopper. We compared it to our competitor's Wide Mouth slow juicer. Watch the stark difference in the juicing experience in the video above.

1. H-AI's Self Feeding Hopper vs. Competitor's "Wide Mouth" Hopper

The automatic blade inside the self-feeding hopper of the H-AI will chop and push down ingredients for you. The competitor's Wide Mouth Slow Juicer has claimed that it can fit whole fruits down its feeding chute. The comparison results showed that the H-AI Slow Juicer can fit larger pieces into its hopper than the "Wide Mouth."


2. Hands Free vs. Hand Full
With the H-AI Slow Juicer, all you have to do is to insert the ingredients and close the lid. On the other hand, the competitor's juicer requires the user to keep pushing the ingredients down the feeding chute.


3. Design — need we say more?
Hurom is known for its modern and elegant product design. Imagine what you'd like to see on your counter, when you start the day with fresh juice.