Global Ambassadors

Dive into a diverse world of wellness as our Hurom Ambassadors from various countries share their unique journeys to a healthier, juicier lifestyle. In this global tour of health, discover how Hurom has become a universal symbol of well-being.


Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa, NFL star and 2022 Defensive Player of the Year, has had a passionate history with fresh juice. After suffering a torn ACL injury in 2020, he recovered his health through a strict diet, which included vegetable and fruit juicing, and now he aims to promote the greatness of vegetables and fruits worldwide.

Nick's Story

As a professional athlete, especially in American football, my health is absolutely everything. I know that being in peak condition requires good health.

During my recovery from my injury, I developed a keen interest in diet and nutrition, and a nutritionist recommended increasing my intake of fruits and vegetables. I saw results in my own health fairly quickly, and fresh juice became a part of my daily routine.

For people like me who drink juice or incorporate them into their training, I believe there is no better option than Hurom. Hurom's technology has been a game changer, and I rely on it every day.

I believe that vegetable and fruit juices have transformed my life and have been a factor in performing better than ever before.

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Marco Bianchi

Marco Bianchi, an Italian food mentor who started his career as a biochemist researching disease prevention and the connection between food and health, is a multi talented creator. He is also planning to collaborate with Hurom to promote a global healthy diet centered around vegetables and fruits.

Marco's Story

For me, health means a balanced lifestyle. I believe that proper physical activity (exercise) and healthy cooking are more important than anything else. I strive to consume 3/4 of my diet in the form of vegetables and fruits and 1/4 in the form of protein.

While activities like exercise are important, having good dietary habits is equally crucial. Having good dietary habits can help prevent the risk of illness.

I am particularly aware of the importance of juicing, and I have been constantly searching for products that can satisfy both juicing performance and taste. This is how I naturally came across Hurom, and it has been helpful in my research.

I believe that having a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits on the table can prevent more diseases. If you care about your health, you should consider Hurom!




Kris Carr

Kris Carr, who found her way to regain her health through vegetables, fruits, and juicing while searching for various methods to treat her cancer diagnosis, has had experiences overcoming cancer with vegetables, fruits, and juicing. She aims to widely promote the importance of consuming vegetables and fruits, the advantages of juicing, and share recipes, collaborating with Hurom.

Kris's Story

I believe that health is not simply the absence of disease but an essential element that brings vitality to life.

When I first received a cancer diagnosis, I was looking for ways to maintain my immune system and overall health. During that search, I learned that drinking vegetable and fruit juices could be beneficial for health, and I believe that juicing played a significant role in my journey to recover my health.

I purchased my first Hurom juicer over 10 years ago! I was searching for a juicer that could extract the most nutrients and the most juice from vegetables and fruits, and Hurom exceeded my expectations!

I believe that drinking vegetables and fruits in juice form is not only a good choice for those with poor digestion or sensitive intestines who have difficulty digesting a lot of fiber but also for those who are familiar with a vegetarian diet.




Seung-woo Cho

Seung-woo Cho, a bestselling author and herbalist, owns "Yebangwon" (Prevention Clinic), a herbal medicine store. He also serves as an ambassador for vegetable and fruit-based eating habits, advocating for their importance over traditional herbal medicine. Recognizing Hurom as the easiest way to incorporate these foods into one's diet, Cho plans to collaborate with Hurom to emphasize the significance of consuming vegetables and fruits.

Seung-woo's Story

Until my twenties, I consumed processed foods such as chicken, ramen, tonkatsu, cola, coffee, and alcohol. However, as I ventured into the coffee business, I began to suffer from chronic conditions like rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, constipation, diarrhea, a herniated disc, and insomnia, eventually leading to angina pectoris and coronary angiography.

Realizing that conventional medicine and hospitals could not provide a complete cure, I started studying alternative ways to stay healthy.

After pursuing a degree in Oriental medicine, I learned about natural healing, and I discovered that by consuming vegetables and fruits in their natural state, our bodies can naturally recover. Subsequently, I started prescribing vegetable and fruit - based diets instead of traditional herbal medicine and shared my findings with others through books and broadcasting activities.

I encourage you to try incorporating Hurom juice into your daily routine. Even after just two weeks, you'll notice a difference in your body compared to artificial alternatives!




Shiho Yano

Shiho Yano, a renowned Japanese model, is actively involved in diverse fields, including TV, radio, and fashion, in both South Korea and Japan. Embracing a healthy lifestyle, she recognizes the significance of a vegetarian diet and the value of juicing. With a commitment to promoting a culture of vegetable and fruit-based eating habits, Shiho Yano is set to play a leading role in collaboration with Hurom.

Shiho's Story

For me, health is the most essential "foundation" in our lives. Without health, we can't do anything.

As I approach 40, I've been realizing that my body isn't the same as it used to be, so I've been making more efforts to pay attention to my health. I've been striving to maintain a balanced diet.

One of the great things about using the Hurom juicer to make juice is that you can consume a large amount of live nutrients from vegetables and fruits in just one glass. Plus, it separates insoluble fibers,

I hope you have the opportunity to experience the rich flavors and high nutritional content of vegetable and fruit juices that provide both taste and nutrients! So it doesn't burden digestion, and it allows for efficient and delicious health.




Valerie Dewi

Valerie is celebrated for her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Through her platform, she aims to introduce innovative recipes rich in fruits and vegetables. Her focus is on promoting the benefits of these ingredients, alongside her signature juice recipes, to inspire healthier dietary choices.

Valerie's Story

Health is our life's foundation and utmost priority. Since I believe that a healthy lifestyle from a young age is an investment for my future life also, I maintain it through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

My journey as a chef and content creator led me with an honor to collaborate with Hurom as the brand ambassador in Indonesia. Through this partnership, I'm excited to share my journey of healthy juicing and cooking with Hurom, demonstrating to everyone just how important, yet simple and accessible, a healthy lifestyle can be.

With Hurom, I aim to inspire a broader audience towards better health practices by highlighting the pivotal role that Hurom products can play in a nutritious diet.




Ana Machado

Ana Machado is an executive private chef to some of the world’s top athletes. Renowned for her mastery in sports nutrition and bespoke meal planning, Ana has garnered widespread acclaim.

Ana's Story

Ana is a huge fan of slow juicing, so she has seamlessly integrated juicing as a vital component of her clients' nutrition, harnessing its nutritional potency to enhance their overall well-being and athletic performance.

Through Ana's expertise in sports nutrition and personalized meal planning, coupled with the incorporation of cold-pressed juices, athletes like Nick and Joe Bosa have achieved remarkable results. From improved recovery times to enhanced energy levels, Ana's innovative approach to nutrition has propelled her clients to new heights of success both on and off the field. Join Ana Machado as she continues to redefine the standards of athletic excellence through the power of cold-press juicing.