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Delicious Juice Recipes for Kids

kids drinking juice

Want to supplement your child's diet with delicious, nutrient-rich drinks? Whether it's to kickstart the day at breakfast or a pick-me-up in the late afternoon, a juice made with fruits and veggies can be an excellent way to provide energy, vitamins, and other nutrients. We've put together a collection of tasty juice recipes for kids below.


"Shrek" Juice
This kid-friendly green juice features healthy ingredients such as kale, spinach, and carrots made sweet with apples and honeydew. View recipe.

5 Simple Recipes
Want something that's quick and easy to make? These five recipes, ranging from "Mango Pineapple & Spinach" to "Minty Madness" are straightforward and full of flavor. View recipes.

Ronja’s Ruby Red Fairy Juice Kids Recipe
This recipe is loaded with all kinds of ingredients including pineapple, kale, beetroot, zucchini, cucumber, and yellow bell pepper. View recipe.

Fresh Beet Juice
Another reddish juice, this recipe calls for beets, apple, orange, kiwi, lime, and plum. An excellent way for your kids to get antioxidants. View recipe.

3 Green Juices for Kids
Want to make sure your kids are getting their greens? These three recipes include copious amounts of kale and spinach balanced by the sweetness of fruits like pear, apple, and pineapple. View recipe.

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