Top 5 Best Juicer Machines from Hurom

Adding fresh juice to your diet is a healthy way to add more nutrition. And when you’re working with one of the best juicer machines on the market, it becomes easy to get the best flavor without any preservatives or added sugars. But what do you look for when searching for a juicer?

Hurom is a trusted brand for innovative solutions for healthier lifestyles. Choosing from any of our best juicer models is always a good option. Any of our juicers can help you incorporate healthier drink alternatives into your lifestyle. Here are some of the best juicer machine options to help you browse and compare models and a guide to help you choose the suitable model for your kitchen. 

Best Versatile Juicer: Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

Price: $399

Best for: Individuals looking for an all-around juicer that can operate for everyday family use. Some of its key features include:

  • Sleek design that’s functionally easier to move around limited kitchen space. 
  • Innovative Alpha Technology and Slow Squeeze Technology optimize juicing without altering taste with heat and oxidation. 
  • Additional features that allow users to adjust the pulp amount, make ice cream and tofu, and easy clean-up. 

Hurom’s flagship model, the H-AA Slow Juicer, features both Slow Squeeze Technology and Alpha Technology. Like other Hurom juicers, Slow Squeeze Technology simulates the natural speed and motion of hand-squeezing fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and more. Combined with its efficient auger, users can make the most of their ingredients by squeezing out every last drop. 

Combine this with the model’s Alpha Technology which optimizes juicing and provides easier clean-up. Simply run water through the juicer after use to rinse for an easy clean. The no-blade model and its inner spinning brush prevent clogging while making it safe to operate. 

The H-AA Slow Juicer has a durable ABS plastic body, and its additional parts are eight times stronger than the average juicing plastic parts on the market. Users can use their juicer for years, maximizing the value they get from their model. 

Best Compact Juicer: Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Price: $379

Best for: Individuals searching for a more affordable slow juicer small enough for one serving of juice while minimizing kitchen clutter. Some of its key features include:

  • Compact size, making it easy to store in kitchens with limited space.
  • Near-silent AC motor, great for closed spaces.
  • Duplicate safety sensors that won’t operate unless it’s accurately assembled.

The most affordable juicer on this list, the HP Slow Juicer, is for the single individual who wants something small without sacrificing power and effectiveness. It might have the basics compared to other Hurom juicer models, but it exceeds other juicers of the same size with its performance, quality, and additional features. 

Users can attach the inner spinning brush during juicing to clean the chamber and the strainer. This brush prevents clogging while making it easier to clean after use. After cleaning, it can be easily disassembled and set aside. 

Despite its size, it offers the same level of quality most users have come to expect with Hurom. Fresh juice from the HP Slow Juicer comes out unadulterated by the heat and oxygen exposure common in traditional juicers. Its simple design makes it relatively easy to use for beginners, making it a perfect option for first-time juicers.


Best Durable Juicer: Hurom HZ Slow Juicer

Price: $499

Best for: Individuals who intend to use their juicers frequently and want a heavy-duty and versatile model. Some of its key features include:

  • Stainless steel finish for its durable and antibacterial properties.
  • Additional tools for tofu, ice cream, sorbet, etc.
  • LED indicators for easy setting identification.

One of Hurom’s best juicer machine options for top-tier performance and durability, this is the model to invest in for those who want to maximize every drop of juice for years to come. Its stainless steel body is made for durability and antibacterial protection to ensure your juicer and kitchen stays clean. 

Like all other Hurom juicers, the HZ Slow Juicer uses Hurom’s Slow Squeeze Technology to ensure your juice stays pure and unadulterated. Each part is made of a food-safe plastic strong enough to push out every drop and leave you with as much juice as possible and bone-dry pulp. 

Despite its strong and durable features, the HZ Slow Juicer also has safety measures to minimize the risk of malfunctions and accidents. The model doesn’t operate if it isn’t assembled correctly. With no blades, an inner spinning brush, and an efficient design, clean-up after use is easy for the everyday user. 

Best Juicer for a Quick Clean Up Process: Hurom H200 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

Price: $499

Best for: Individuals who prefer easy juicing from assembly to operation to clean-up. Some of its key features include:

  • Dual Easy Clean strainers for juice and an Easy Clean smoothie strainer.
  • Built-in pulp container for a streamlined design.
  • Self-Feeding Hopper V2 features a wider mouth for larger ingredients.

One of the latest models designed by Hurom, the H200 offers an easy juicing experience from start to finish. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for users to assemble. Use its intuitive features to build your juicer in seconds. 

The H200’s hopper is upgraded from the older Hurom models. Large enough to fit whole-sized apples, its big mouth features a self-feeding hopper that allows users to add more ingredients while operating the juicer. During operations, the 7-degree juice outlet makes little mess while the built-in pulp catcher minimizes the counter space needed for a separate container. 

After juicing, you’ll find that the H200 is much easier to clean than other masticating juicers. Rather than featuring small holes like other strainers, its inner and outer filters feature longer holes for easier cleaning. Simply disassemble the juicer and clean it before storing it away. 

Another of our Favorite Juicers: Hurom H400 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

Price: $549

Best for: Individuals who want maximum juice yield and minimum pulp with a juicer with the power to make juicing so much easier. Some of its key features include:

  • Self-feeding hopper with the highest volume among all other models.
  • A maximized chamber that allows for larger juice servings
  • Reduced number of pieces with intuitively-built design

The latest in Hurom’s line of juicers, the H400 is the most powerful model to date. Compared to other models, this one’s internal juicing mechanism has been streamlined to reduce the number of parts needed for assembly. This change also reduces the number of elements to disassemble, clean, and store away. 

The H400’s self-feeding hopper offers the highest volume Hurom has provided. On top of that, it has a larger opening that allows users to add whole-sized ingredients during operation. There's no need to spend time chopping your ingredients when your juicer has the size and power to masticate with ease. Its chamber, juice container, and the pulp container are also large enough to cater to families and those who want to share freshly-squeezed juice with others. 

On top of its performance, it also features Hurom’s Easy Clean tools. The two-part auger saves cleaning time, and the model’s strainer-free design removes the need to spend so much time cleaning up strainers of pulp and juice after use. 

What Should I Know Before Buying a Juicer? 

Plenty of juicers are on the market, so understanding what to look for, what you need, and the differences between juicer models can make a difference in your experience. 

Slow Juicer vs. Fast Juicer

Slow juicers, masticating, or cold press juicers work by squeezing out the juice using an auger. A filter separates the juice from the pulp and disposes of the solid materials in a separate chute. 

Fast or centrifugal juicers have blades, a cutting disk, or graters that shred ingredients. The centrifugal force pushes the juice away from the blades and through a fine mesh strainer. The rest of the solid bits fall into a chute. 

Why Slow Juicers Are the Best Juicer Option

While fast juicers are generally cheaper and produce juice faster, those who want pure juice that’s healthier and tastes better can benefit more from a slow juicer. Here are some reasons why they’re the better investment for your kitchen:

  • More Nutritious: Hurom’s slow juicers replicate the motion of hand-squeezing juice from your ingredients. It’s a slow process, but it prevents heat from generating in the chamber while juicing. On the other hand, fast juicers build up more heat from the motor and its fan, which can result in some nutrients and other healthy substances in your juice dissolving. This reduces the nutritional value of your juice.

  • Better Extraction: Slow juicers squeeze out every last drop from your ingredients, so pulp comes out bone-dry. Fast juicers function through centrifugal force, which means that only juice that can escape your fruits and vegetables ends up in your glass. Juice can still remain on your fast juicer’s pulp.

  • Longer Shelf Life: Juicing is a healthier alternative to store-bought juice products filled with preservatives. However, fast juicers expose a lot of oxygen to the juice because of centrifugal force, which can oxidize your juice's appearance, taste, and texture. This change can also make juice go bad in less than a day. Slow juicers, on the other hand, can last up to three days because it isn’t exposed to excessive oxygen.

  • Near-Quiet Operations: Slow juicers have near-silent motors, and their augers emit little noise during operations. On the other hand, fast juicers have the sound of blades shredding ingredients and motor noises. Living with others or in places like an apartment could make you conscious of the noise every time you juice in the morning.
  • What to Look for in Your Juicers

    Not all slow juicers offer the same quality and juicing experience, so it’s best to know what you’re looking for. These are some factors to consider when browsing for your juicer model: 


  • Clean-Up: Consider factors like the number of parts that need to be cleaned after use and how easy they are to clean. Too many parts that are difficult to clean could turn juicing into a tiring chore that could make you feel like fresh juice isn’t worth the effort. For instance, many of Hurom’s juicers come with inner-spinning brushes, making cleaning easier. Juicers under its Easy Clean series have features like modified strainers and strainer-free chambers to reduce the clean-up hassle.

  • Prep Time: Assembly can take time and be a chore for many. Ideally, your juicer should have an intuitive design that makes it easy to assemble your juicer. Hurom’s juicers have a fair number of parts but have an intuitive design that makes it easy for users to know which pieces go where. For the easiest prep time, the H400 has fewer parts needed for assembly. Also, consider the size of your hopper, as you may need to end up chopping your ingredients for them to fit.

  • Juice Yield: To make the most out of your ingredients, you’ll want to get the most juice out of your drink. If your juicer gives you wet pulp, the extraction isn’t as effective as it’s not ending up in your glass. The quality of parts like the chamber, augers, and strainers are responsible for pressing the juice out of your ingredients.

  • Power: A motor should have enough power to prevent clogging and jamming, especially if your juices include hard fruits and vegetables, nuts, and other hardy ingredients. At the same time, however, too much power can make the juicing experience loud. It can also emit too much heat that can alter your juice's taste, texture, and nutritional value.

  • Durability: Some juicers may have plastic materials prone to scratching, warping, and wear and tear over time. Ensure your juicer’s parts are sturdy and capable of withstanding regular use. Ideally, your juicer should come with warranties. 

  • Find the Best Juicer for a Healthier Lifestyle at Hurom

    Hurom is a leading brand for slow juicers. We’re dedicated to supporting healthier lifestyles by innovating our appliances to give you fresh and pure juice free of preservatives. Our products make your juicing experience quicker, more efficient, and worth every drop. 

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