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The 20 Best Keto Juicing Recipes You Need to Try

February 07, 2024

The sheer amount of keto juicing recipes online can overwhelm anyone.

Even worse, you may not know if what you’re reading truly is keto or just keto-friendly.

You’re on the right page to solve that problem. This article:

  • Teaches you how to think before choosing or adapting a keto juice recipe.
  • Offers you a comprehensive list of 20 keto juicing recipes.

You’ll also find out if juicing is really okay on keto and its benefits. Let’s dive in.

Is Juicing Really OK on Keto?

Let's answer this question before we jump into the keto juicing recipes.

The problem: Fruits and, consequently, fruit juices are not ketogenic because they contain carbs and may get your body out of ketosis.

To stay in ketosis and continue using your fat stores as fuel, you need to limit your carb intake.

The solution: You can maintain ketosis with appropriate keto juicing recipes.

Instead of drinking huge quantities of fresh fruit juice made from ingredients with a high sugar intake, you can pick low-carb vegetables and fruits. Think leafy greens, lemons, and green apples.


The unique combinations below are mouthwatering, vitamin-packed, and, most importantly, keto-friendly.

The Health Benefits of Keto Juicing Recipes

Keto juices have numerous health benefits you can take advantage of:

  • Low in carbohydrates: Keto-aligned juicing entails focusing on low-carb vegetables so you won’t consume excess sugars. That means you can stick to your keto diet while consuming more nutrients. Hence, the next point.
  • Nutrient-dense: Fresh juices (especially low-carb ones) are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You need all these nutrients to support your immune function, physical health, and mood. Plus, you add some extra flavor to your keto diet.
  • Hydration: These keto juices have a high water content, thanks to ingredients like cucumber and celery stalks. And proper hydration is essential for a healthy, happy life, as it’s the backbone of every process from digestion to skin health and mindset.
  • Digestive health: If you’re in the early stages of keto, you might experience the all-feared keto flu, with stomach cramps being one of the main symptoms. Luckily, many fruits and vegetables in keto juicing, such as celery and green apples, are known for their digestive benefits. Besides, because juice lacks fiber, your digestive system gets a brief respite so that you can overcome that keto flu faster.
  • Supports ketosis: Keto juices include high-fat ingredients, such as MCT oil or avocado, so they make sticking to your keto diet easier. You can even use some of the juices below as meal replacement to support your weight management.
  • Low blood pressure: Ingredients like leafy greens, lemon juice, and turmeric lower your blood sugar levels. This prevents or alleviates the symptoms of diabetes and also keeps your blood pressure low.
  • Mental clarity: Many people just starting or resuming their ketogenic diet after a break report brain fog. This is also a symptom of the keto flu, which typically passes after a few weeks of keto. But if you want to still handle life well in the meantime, you need vitamins and minerals to give you energy and focus. Keto juices are packed with those nutrients but remember – you need a cold-press juicer to maximize nutrient extraction.
  • Detoxification: The term "detox" is overused and often unnecessarily so. However, some ingredients in keto juicing, like lemon, turmeric, and ginger, are shown to promote detoxification and reduce inflammation.
  • Higher energy levels: Sugar-laden juices and even diet sodas give you those insufferable highs and lows. On the other hand, keto juices are steady energy sources, especially if you add high-fat ingredients. And that’s another plus if you’re battling with the keto flu.


8 Keto Juicing Tips

The ultimate advice before picking or inventing your own delicious recipe is to follow the macronutrient proportions in ketogenic diets.

If you're a keto follower, your balanced diet requires 75% fats, 20% protein, and just 5% carbs.

Here’s what that translates to:

  1. Add plenty of healthy fats that should already be a large part of your low-carb diet. Think MCT oils, avocados, nuts, seeds, or olive oil.
  2. Include protein sources, like peanut butter or keto-friendly protein powder.
  3. Pick low-carb vegetables and fruits, like green vegetables, cucumbers, and green apples.
  4. Use just small amounts of fruit to limit your sugar content.
  5. Pair your juice with a breakfast or snack consisting of healthy fats and protein to limit that sugar intake.

And if you want to get even better results:

  1. Always check the net carbs of any so-called low-carb juice recipe to stay within your daily limit.
  2. Pick a masticating juicer that can crush the hardest nuts, seeds, root vegetables, or leafy greens.
  3. It’s also wise to get a slow, cold-press juicer that will help you extract more nutrients from your fruits and veggies. That will help you maximize your vitamin intake while reducing your carb intake.


20 Keto Juicing Recipes to Try

Without further ado, here are 20 flavorful juice recipes you can try.

  1. Chard Charge: Combine Swiss chard, walnuts, cucumber, and lemon for a mildly bitter but refreshing juice.
  2. Mellow Yellow: Use red bell peppers rich in vitamin B6, lemon, lime juice, and cucumber for a vibrant and zesty juice. It's one of the best low-carb juices for those hot summer days.
  3. Keto Lime Refresher: Blend cucumber, a handful of mint leaves, and a squeeze of lime for a refreshing taste. Add some collagen powder to support joint and bone health and reach your weight loss goals faster.
  4. Cool Cabbage Drink: Combine red cabbage (in moderation due to its carbs), cucumber, and lemon for a unique flavor and striking color.
  5. Protein Punch: Mix spinach, cucumber, lemon, and a spoonful of chia seeds (for protein) to make this nutrient-rich juice.
  6. Avocado-Lime Bliss: Combine avocado, spinach, lime, and a hint of mint. These juice ingredients make for a creamy and zestful drink.
  7. Keto Broccoli Boost: Blend broccoli florets, beet greens, cucumber, lemon, and a dash of salt for a vegetable juice rich in essential vitamins.
  8. Zucchini Zen: Juice zucchini, lemon, and mint together for a light and invigorating keto-friendly juice.
  9. Creamy Coconut Kale: Combine kale, cucumber, lemon, and a splash of coconut cream for a rich texture and excellent flavor.
  10. Herbal Healer: Mix fresh parsley, cilantro, cucumber, and lemon for a herby and tangy flavor that promotes immune health and helps you reach your weight loss goals. This keto green juice decreases your levels of sugar, so it does wonders in low-carbohydrate diets.
  11. Fennel Fresh: Use fennel, cucumber, and lemon to make a slightly sweet and aromatic juice fit for a strict keto diet.
  12. Lettuce Love: Blend romaine lettuce, cucumber, strawberries, and peanut butter for a mild and hydrating juice.
  13. Basil Boost: Combine basil, spinach, cucumber, celery stalks, and kiwi for a herb-infused drink with a tropical flavor.
  14. Keto Protein Fusion: Juice spinach and cucumber, and add a spoon of pumpkin seeds or protein powder to boost your daily intake of protein.
  15. Spicy Green Punch: Blend spinach, cucumber, lemon, and a small jalapeño (deseeded) for a kick of energy. This juice has powerful antioxidants and a low-calorie intake.
  16. Gingered Green Juice Recipe: Mix spinach, kale, cucumber, lemon juice, and a hint of fresh ginger root for a zingy and healthy snack.
  17. Keto Orange Zest: Combine a small amount of orange (be cautious of the carb content), cucumber, and lemon for a citrusy burst.
  18. Green Coconut Crush: Blend spinach, cucumber, lemon, and a splash of coconut milk for a tropical and creamy drink.
  19. Turmeric Twist: Juice spinach, cucumber, a small piece of fresh turmeric root, and lemon for its anti-inflammatory benefits.
  20. Creamy Cacao Treat: Blend together spinach, cucumber, a spoonful of cacao powder (unsweetened), and a splash of almond milk for a unique chocolate twist.

Which Keto Juicing Recipe Will You Try?

The keto juicing recipes above mix different keto-friendly ingredients. You can try them as they are or make your own combinations according to your keto goals.

And, of course, your taste buds.

For example, you can always add more healthy fats to each recipe.

Walnuts, seeds, and MCT oils are all great additions. But remember, you need that tough juicer to crush these ingredients. A cold-press one would be even better to maximize your nutrient intake.

So, take a tour of award-winning, durable juicers that fit both bills and make your keto journey nutrient-packed!