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Hurom Juice Recipe: Ultra Immunity Booster

June 04, 2019

With plenty of organic acids, apples help with recovery from fatigue and strengthen the immune system. A great quantity of pectin in apples is effective in aiding digestion and making your intestines healthy. 

Featured Health Benefit:
  • Immunity Strength
  • 2 apples
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 kiwis
    1. Remove the seeds from the apples first before cutting them equally into four parts. Slice the kiwis into four parts without peeling, and slice the peeled bananas into smaller pieces of about 2 inches in length. 
    2. Put the apples, kiwis, and bananas (in this order) into your Hurom Juicer and juice. 


    Note: Food and beverages (including juice) are not regarded as medicine or medical supplies, so they do not have a direct effect in treating diseases. Instead of consuming single nutrient or food continuously, it is recommended to incorporate a variety of nutrients and foods in your diet. This product does not guarantee a medical treatment effect.