Hurom Juice Recipe: Popeye Juice

June 04, 2019

As seen in in the classic cartoon "Popeye", spinach has plenty of different nutrients and is known as the "King of Vegetables". Rich in folic acid and iron, spinach is effective in making skin healthy as well as preventing anemia and gastrointestinal disturbance.  

Featured Health Benefit:
  • Energy Boost
  • 4 stalks of celery
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • 2 apples
    1. Chop celery and spinach into smaller pieces with about 2 inches in length. Remove seeds from apples and cut them in half by dividing them into 4 parts.
    2. Put celeries, spinach, and apples into your Hurom Slow Juicer.


    Note: Food and beverages (including juice) are not regarded as medicine or medical supplies, so they do not have a direct effect in treating diseases. Instead of consuming single nutrient or food continuously, it is recommended to incorporate a variety of nutrients and foods in your diet. This product does not guarantee a medical treatment effect.