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Avocado Pesto

March 28, 2017

What You’ll Need

Coarse strainer

Juicer Ingredients

1 medium avocado (ripe)
40g roasted pine nuts
40g cipolline
30g cipolline ‘juice’
10g fresh basil
10g fresh thyme

Other Ingredients

30g parmesan cheese (grated)
20g extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper


  1. Prepare “in the juicer” ingredients.Use only thyme leaves (remove from stem).
  2. Extract ingredients from ① in your Hurom juicer.
  3. Combine extracted juice and pulp with parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Mix well and serve.

Hurom Tip:

  • If your avocado is not ripe yet, it is better to keep it at room temperature than in the refrigerator. Placing it in a paper bag with an apple, and closing the opening can help speed up the process!