05 Detox & Decorate

Gift for the Hostess

Know someone who loves to host parties, and dinners at their home? Why not do them a favor and help them entice their guests with fresh cold-pressed juices that can be *ahem* spiked, too?

Juice Your Way to Recovery

Lemon Detox

If you think of the holidays as one long cheat day, then drink this lemon, banana and pear juice to cleanse out harmful toxins and help repair your body.


The vitamin C in lemon aids in removing waste and increasing energy. Banana helps strengthen your immune system and pear helps to relieve fatigue.


How To Make

  1. Peel lemon and banana. Remove seeds and core of pear. Cut into appropriate sizes.
  2. Insert half of the pear, then banana and lemon into juicer.
  3. Insert the rest of the pear.
  4. Pour over ice, if desired. Enjoy!

This Juice Pairs Well With

Making homemade holiday decorations

This juice is great when paired with … making homemade holiday decorations. Get crafty on a cold afternoon and create your own ornaments for the season: from glittering pinecones to paper-chains and handmade stars.

Dazzle Your Friends & Family With

The Gift of Juice

Classic Series

Classic Series

Hurom HT Slow Juicer

Our premium HT slow juicer is perfect for the person who likes to dazzle their friends. Featuring a gold color and a sophisticated hourglass shape, it fits well in most kitchens. The HT slow juicer isn’t just pleasing to the eyes, it effortlessly creates juices, smoothies, and nut milks with the best of them. Choose an HT Gold as a gift this holiday season.


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