Squeeze Juicery's Hurom Story

June 04, 2024

Squeeze Juicery was born from a passion for cold-pressed juice and a desire to bring people together around the common goal of becoming happier and healthier. During a trip to Sayulita, Mexico, I experienced and recognized the power behind juice and how a community could form around the love for fresh, nutrient-packed, and delicious product.


Bringing this vision to life in Denver has been an incredible journey, one that stems from continued learning and the utmost respect for the juice that I make and the community of people who have come to this window to better themselves.


Unlike most commercial juicers and businesses that use centrifugal blenders, which eliminate many of the essential vitamins and nutrients from the produce, the slow mastication process of the Hurom juicer allows our juice to bring maximum benefit to our community.


What’s more, and may seem simple at first, is that the quietness of the machines truly allows me to converse with each and every customer rather than shouting over a machine.


Recipe for "The Summer Lover." A Squeeze Juicery special!

  • 1 Cup Watermelon (Cubed)
  • 1 Pinch Mint
  • 1/4 Cucumber (Sliced)
  • 1 Lime (Halved)
  1. Cut watermelon, cucumber, and lime into appropriately sized pieces.
  2. Insert watermelon, mint, cucumber, and lime (in that order) into juicer.
    Add simple syrup, lemon juice, and remaining water to a pitcher. Stir well and enjoy!
  3. Enjoy! Pour over ice, if desired.


You can find Squeeze Juicery on social channels @squeezejuiceryco or online at squeezejuicery.co.